Saturday, 5 November 2011


peach is in the air, and to honour my scrolling through the html to recolour my tumblr layout i thought i'd put my influences here, along with the colours i used. sorry for the complete lack of any recent posts, it's been very hectic here! but now thankfully i'm on a reading week, and despite the 25 hours of overtime that i'm putting in in the next 7 days, i want to share with you my inspiration from the two week 3DDA project i just did. see you soon!

oh and i got an iphone last sunday. but more on that score later!

1 = luli sanchez

2 = #ffa36c

3 = fredrik akum

4 = vivienne westwood

5 = unknown

6 = #ffeee6

7 = unknown, via when-youareastranger

8 = unknown, via daily biens

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