Sunday, 16 October 2011

thinking of jackets

considering the colour for my jacket. to go with autumnal oranges and rusts might be slightly risky though, maybe i should just go with black! still very very tempted by bright yellow though...

hopefully soon my knitting machine will cheer up and work, i think it's sulking because i've been too busy to use it much these last few months!

1 = unknown

2 = stephane rolland

3 = unknown

4 = gustav klimt, birch forest

5 = unknown

6 = aleksandar vasiljević in shot by unknown

7 = lauren doughty

8 = unknown food photographer

9 = dries van noten autumn/winter 1992

10 = jil sander spring/summer 1996

11 = unknown


first mix! just a few songs i couldn't live without these past weeks, i hope you like it. good night, tomorrow i might tell you of the new hand-glazed bowl i bought at carluccio's, and share my colour inspiration for the upcoming coat, but then again i will be back at central st martins and working at cos in the evening! i'll see how i feel, matthew's cooking quiche (his pièce de résistance)

8tracks = october

download here = october

thinking of collars

i am making myself a coat! largely in frustration at not being able to find one warm enough to voyage out without a jumper, coat alone. i'm hoping to get back on good terms with my knitting machine, and if not knit the whole thing (a thicker woven outer material may be more functional) at the very least knit a fantastically warm quilted lining. i think the evolving design for this that has been floating around my head can be thanked for my current obsession with collars!

my favourite is the stella mccartney (also loving the grey) but that first streetstyle photo (if anyone knows who this is by, please let me know!) is very very on the button. the bigger, the better, i'm thinking. expect a post on colour soon, right now i'm almost glowing with the thought of yellow, a la sonia rykiel... also, i've been raaaving about the new bombay bicycle club album, matthew doesn't approve, but i adore this song so so SO much. also, 8tracks playlist on the way...

1 = streetstyle shot, source unknown

2 = miu miu worn by bambi northwood-blythe on the cover of metal no. 25

3 = miu miu autumn/winter 2011

4 = via girlmeetcity

5 = junya watanabe

6= miu miu spring/summer 2010

7 = sonia rykiel spring/summer 2012

8 = stella mccartney autumn/winter 2010

9 = chloe autumn/winter 2010

10= dior menswear spring/summer 2012

11 = unknown, via tammerijn

12= unknown, via julia

Friday, 14 October 2011

a little more

just a couple of additions to my initial thoughts for our jacket project, more colour!

pelayo diaz's autumn/winter 2011 collection is just mindblowing - i came across this shoot a few months ago when it was tagged as streetstyle, but recently i decided to dig a little more! fantastic inspiration for the idea of deconstruction and reconstruction, and also a palette that suits me well (pink! pink! pink!)

the jean-paul goude creation is also the campaign image for a new exhibition on postmodernism at the v & a, which is just across hyde park from us. fingers crossed my enrolment slip will let me in with student discount though, i don't hugely fancy splashing out £11, no matter how many angles and primary colours there are!

1, 5 & 7 = pelayo diaz a/w 2011, via huh magazine

2 = david delfin s/s 2012, via katelovesme

3 = grace jones in a creation by jean-paul goude & antonio lopez, 1979

4 = from hussein chayalan's autumn/winter 2000 collection, via computational couture

6 = aysche tiefenbrunner by billy kidd

reconstructing the familiar

exploring my ideas for the project on jackets that we're doing at central st martins this week - reconstructing the familiar. thinking of angles, lines and folds.

slightly tired, hoping for a little trip to the pub in a short time, worked overtime today, i'm hoping for a few favours from my lovely managers! matthew's currently googling welsh terriers, hoping for one to be our alarm system on a wonderful 1919 motor yacht that we've been given.

i shall update you in good time, when we've been to oxford and visited it! for now, a little song from cos that almost makes me cry with happiness

1 = unknown, via insideinside

2 & 7 = pyrite

3 = claesson koivisto rune

4 & 8 = proenza schouler s/s 2011

5 = unknown, via scary mansion

6 = st brides

Sunday, 9 October 2011


marbled paper

marbled paper

the weather is miserable and i am tired. we are about to go on a walk around hyde park, and i would love to take some photographs (still hanging on to that film from venice, in july! - in need of justification to get all my rolls developed) though weather the grey skies will make a pleasing backdrop is debatable. i suppose we'll have to trust the park's autumnal trees, and if all else fails bury ourselves in the serpentine gallery bookshop. i always leave with something (last time it was a book devoted to documenting the equilateral triangle, very interesting but arguably slightly superfluous)

good morning!

1 & 7 =lucy hutchings s/s 2011
3 = jonathan mess
4 = dansk f/w 2011
5 = jemma lewis
6 = rebeccalily