Thursday, 17 November 2011

feeling icy

not sure why, but i've been in a very weird/awful mood the last two days. maybe i'll be able to breathe easier post-portfolio pick up, if not we're going to the pub after so that will almost definitely cheer me up a little.

on a lighter note, i bought the shoes! i wore them yesterday to a photoshoot organised by a friend and, well, highlighted where they rub... oh well, masking tape + tissue = plaster 2.0 and my saviour right now! i also cooked a lovely bit of comfort food, which i'm about to have for lunch now (+ an avocado, some cheese & lettuce) - adapted from the ever-lovely julie's recipe for winter squash crumble. i added some bacon (catering for the non-veggies we are) and mushrooms, and used parsley in place of thyme as we had none. it was blooming good! part of my exploration of new recipes... tonight we're having moroccan meatballs and herby cous cous! yum!

1 = michael chrisman

2 = unknown, via idk sry

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4 = by axel rouvin

5 = unknown, via losec0ntrol

Monday, 14 November 2011

feeling warm (and sleepy)

good morning! we had such a lovely weekend (late dinner last night of fish pie and matthew's "i did it the proper french way" chocolate cake (it was blooming good) and a lot of lusting over these shoes in topshop on high street ken)

anyway for now (must get back to work! assessment tomorrow!) here's my mood in pictures and matthew from sunday. have a lovely day!

The Boxer by Simon And Garfunkel on Grooveshark

1 & 5 = paintings by carly waito

2 = hanne gaby odiele in numero december 2008 by camille vivier

3 = #ff5d08

4 = unknown, via nakeshi

6 = unknown, via catacombes

Sunday, 13 November 2011

feeling colourful

sorry for the absence, i've been so busy with work and things! my portfolio is chugging a little too slowly for my tuesday assessment (panic panic PANIC) and i bought a new red skirt from cos. i'd show you but i'm too lazy to take a picture of it right now! today we've been wandering around high street ken, and i found some all together too nice boots in topshop (fantasising about selling some of my belongings to justify buying them) and covered myself in rose nuit de mai in l'occitane - total favourite smell for the last few months. might ask for it for christmas from matthew, my parents are getting me a landon metz painting!!!!!!! i'll spill the beans later.

for now, here's a song that i unashamedly dance to in cos. it's by a man named orlando higginbottom (the only name rival i've found to that was a man we met in cardiff called - and i kid you not (we checked his i.d.) nickodemus longbottom) and is pretty bloody fantastic. he also dances a bit like me (which i'm reassured by) and looks a little like eddie redmayne sometimes (serious famous-person-crush there). can't go wrong! enjoy.

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3 = matthew enjoying a bit of sun

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5 = unknown

6 = #eeffbd

7 = vanishing island, 2011 by kibong rhee

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10 = #cffff7

Monday, 7 November 2011


i found a lovely little square just up from selfridges to have my lunch in. i did get a few odd looks, sitting down with my back against the iron railings and reading a 5cm-thick book about stalin in his teens! it was lovely though, whipped out a bit of bon iver as well. i've been enjoying listening to my whole music collection alphabetically too, thanks to still not knowing how to set my iphone to shuffle, it's surprisingly fun to think "ooh i've hit p!"... or maybe i need to work less! i had leftover sausagemeat/vegetable/pesto pie... it's such a winning recipe, all you do is fry sausages, cut them up, add onions, then boil some carrots & steam any veg you like, add stock, grated cheese, a couple of spoonfuls of pesto & some flour to the onions & meat, mix then put it all together with the carrots mashed on top & some more grated cheese on top. and by the way, if you season the cheese before you melt it it's 34825 times tastier in any recipe!

matthew's drawing a very clever plan for a boat and we had quiche for dinner, with pattatine fritte made from some new potatoes i found in marble arch sainsbury's reduced to 24p, ahhh the satisfaction. he also just sold his vespa! sealed the deal tonight! so many £20 notes i have never seen.

good night!

feeling ruby

found these this morning, by rights it should have been a yellow day, since i just spent 8 hours in selfridges! bloody heck that place is a maze, at one point i ended up next to a big sign that said "anyone found in this area without a valid reason will face disciplinary action" - slightly nervy moment. also had a completely accidental wander round head office, the buying department, conference rooms, menswear and the shoe department before i managed to find the cos concession! next time i'm taking a map...

1 = unknown

2 = carven autumn/winter 2011
(incidentally, the head designer's name is guillaume (pronounced gee-em), the same as my friend at cos who's last day was very sadly saturday. he's now back in paris with his girlfriend ca!

3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 = unknown - sorry i shall try and dig them out!

8 = friels - the absolute best cider since like forever. the only place i've ever found it is in the sainsbury's in the new england quarter of brighton (right by the mainline station). it's like apple juice only so much better! and 10 apples a bottle. sorry for the dreadful photobooth photo!

Saturday, 5 November 2011


for our two week 3DDA project, we had the brief 'eat london', and in the spatial pathway (which i of course chose) the task was to create a space for a feast. i thought about birthdays - taking such a private affair and sharing it with everyone & anyone. what i was really interested in though was the crystallisation of pyrite and other gems, and carly waito's studies have been fantastic! i made solid lumps of raw plaster and used sandpaper to give them a multi faceted quality, and i also tried this in wood...

anyway, i used this method in the end to create my final model. it went a little wrong in the casting (i had to saw out the wood mould!) but it went alright eventually. i also added a cavity through to the ceiling, as well as the main area inside the structure, to give light and also a beautiful column of water when it rains. here is my final presentation...

our tutor fadi loved it! have a nice day everyone, i'm off to work for stockcheck with my lovely new necklace, white t-shirt and grey wool skirt. would rather sleep, it was katherine's 19th in clapham last night, but what can you do. (have bacon and eggs for breakfast, that's what!)

1 = carly waito

2 = from 'drawings which make themselves' by dorothea rockburne

3 = by m. lewandowski

4 = my final collage, all pictures from my tumblr

5 = unknown

2 = unknown, via procaine

8 = unknown

3 = by tat hase


peach is in the air, and to honour my scrolling through the html to recolour my tumblr layout i thought i'd put my influences here, along with the colours i used. sorry for the complete lack of any recent posts, it's been very hectic here! but now thankfully i'm on a reading week, and despite the 25 hours of overtime that i'm putting in in the next 7 days, i want to share with you my inspiration from the two week 3DDA project i just did. see you soon!

oh and i got an iphone last sunday. but more on that score later!

1 = luli sanchez

2 = #ffa36c

3 = fredrik akum

4 = vivienne westwood

5 = unknown

6 = #ffeee6

7 = unknown, via when-youareastranger

8 = unknown, via daily biens