Monday, 7 November 2011


i found a lovely little square just up from selfridges to have my lunch in. i did get a few odd looks, sitting down with my back against the iron railings and reading a 5cm-thick book about stalin in his teens! it was lovely though, whipped out a bit of bon iver as well. i've been enjoying listening to my whole music collection alphabetically too, thanks to still not knowing how to set my iphone to shuffle, it's surprisingly fun to think "ooh i've hit p!"... or maybe i need to work less! i had leftover sausagemeat/vegetable/pesto pie... it's such a winning recipe, all you do is fry sausages, cut them up, add onions, then boil some carrots & steam any veg you like, add stock, grated cheese, a couple of spoonfuls of pesto & some flour to the onions & meat, mix then put it all together with the carrots mashed on top & some more grated cheese on top. and by the way, if you season the cheese before you melt it it's 34825 times tastier in any recipe!

matthew's drawing a very clever plan for a boat and we had quiche for dinner, with pattatine fritte made from some new potatoes i found in marble arch sainsbury's reduced to 24p, ahhh the satisfaction. he also just sold his vespa! sealed the deal tonight! so many £20 notes i have never seen.

good night!

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