Thursday, 17 November 2011

feeling icy

not sure why, but i've been in a very weird/awful mood the last two days. maybe i'll be able to breathe easier post-portfolio pick up, if not we're going to the pub after so that will almost definitely cheer me up a little.

on a lighter note, i bought the shoes! i wore them yesterday to a photoshoot organised by a friend and, well, highlighted where they rub... oh well, masking tape + tissue = plaster 2.0 and my saviour right now! i also cooked a lovely bit of comfort food, which i'm about to have for lunch now (+ an avocado, some cheese & lettuce) - adapted from the ever-lovely julie's recipe for winter squash crumble. i added some bacon (catering for the non-veggies we are) and mushrooms, and used parsley in place of thyme as we had none. it was blooming good! part of my exploration of new recipes... tonight we're having moroccan meatballs and herby cous cous! yum!

1 = michael chrisman

2 = unknown, via idk sry

3 = unknown, via smites

4 = by axel rouvin

5 = unknown, via losec0ntrol

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