Sunday, 13 November 2011

feeling colourful

sorry for the absence, i've been so busy with work and things! my portfolio is chugging a little too slowly for my tuesday assessment (panic panic PANIC) and i bought a new red skirt from cos. i'd show you but i'm too lazy to take a picture of it right now! today we've been wandering around high street ken, and i found some all together too nice boots in topshop (fantasising about selling some of my belongings to justify buying them) and covered myself in rose nuit de mai in l'occitane - total favourite smell for the last few months. might ask for it for christmas from matthew, my parents are getting me a landon metz painting!!!!!!! i'll spill the beans later.

for now, here's a song that i unashamedly dance to in cos. it's by a man named orlando higginbottom (the only name rival i've found to that was a man we met in cardiff called - and i kid you not (we checked his i.d.) nickodemus longbottom) and is pretty bloody fantastic. he also dances a bit like me (which i'm reassured by) and looks a little like eddie redmayne sometimes (serious famous-person-crush there). can't go wrong! enjoy.

1 = unknown, via harlemshuffle

2 = #6f0002

3 = matthew enjoying a bit of sun

4 = #ffd4c5

5 = unknown

6 = #eeffbd

7 = vanishing island, 2011 by kibong rhee

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9 = unknown, via mini-mal-me

10 = #cffff7

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