Saturday, 5 November 2011


for our two week 3DDA project, we had the brief 'eat london', and in the spatial pathway (which i of course chose) the task was to create a space for a feast. i thought about birthdays - taking such a private affair and sharing it with everyone & anyone. what i was really interested in though was the crystallisation of pyrite and other gems, and carly waito's studies have been fantastic! i made solid lumps of raw plaster and used sandpaper to give them a multi faceted quality, and i also tried this in wood...

anyway, i used this method in the end to create my final model. it went a little wrong in the casting (i had to saw out the wood mould!) but it went alright eventually. i also added a cavity through to the ceiling, as well as the main area inside the structure, to give light and also a beautiful column of water when it rains. here is my final presentation...

our tutor fadi loved it! have a nice day everyone, i'm off to work for stockcheck with my lovely new necklace, white t-shirt and grey wool skirt. would rather sleep, it was katherine's 19th in clapham last night, but what can you do. (have bacon and eggs for breakfast, that's what!)

1 = carly waito

2 = from 'drawings which make themselves' by dorothea rockburne

3 = by m. lewandowski

4 = my final collage, all pictures from my tumblr

5 = unknown

2 = unknown, via procaine

8 = unknown

3 = by tat hase

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