Sunday, 9 October 2011


marbled paper

marbled paper

the weather is miserable and i am tired. we are about to go on a walk around hyde park, and i would love to take some photographs (still hanging on to that film from venice, in july! - in need of justification to get all my rolls developed) though weather the grey skies will make a pleasing backdrop is debatable. i suppose we'll have to trust the park's autumnal trees, and if all else fails bury ourselves in the serpentine gallery bookshop. i always leave with something (last time it was a book devoted to documenting the equilateral triangle, very interesting but arguably slightly superfluous)

good morning!

1 & 7 =lucy hutchings s/s 2011
3 = jonathan mess
4 = dansk f/w 2011
5 = jemma lewis
6 = rebeccalily

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